Curso UNED Abierta - "Geo tools for employability (Portfolio MYGEO)" - GEOT y UNED - MyGEO

Investigadores del grupo GEOT -en el marco del proyecto MyGEO-  participan en el curso MOOC "Geotools for employability" / "MyGEO portfolio" 

Impartido en colaboración con la UNED, la información completa está disponible en este enlace.

Vídeo explicativo en YouTube en este enlace.

Geo tools for employability (Portfolio MYGEO) | UNED Abierta

MyGEO MOOC is also called "Geotools for employability" or "MyGEO portfolio". The aim of this course is to train you in modern tools and competences that can help you to find a job in geospatial sector. It is divided in 8 modules that develop several skills such as data storage, spatial analysis, 3D models, etc., but also transversal skills as analytical and critical thinking, business...